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Inland Real Estate Advisors Debuts With New Platform

Oak Brook, Ill. – Inland Real Estate Advisors, Inc. (“Inland Advisors”), formerly Inland Real Estate Brokerage & Auctions, Inc., today announced its re-positioning in the marketplace with a new name and broad complement of core services with brokerage, appraisal, exchange and advisory platforms to assist property owners, legal and financial advisors and CRE managers in navigating the ever-changing commercial real estate terrain. Paul L. Rogers, president and 30-year commercial real estate veteran, will remain at the helm of the newly poised firm.

The transformation best reflects Inland Advisors’ boutique brokerage and advisory firm’s mission to provide real estate services and solutions for private, public, and institutional owners and managers of commercial and investment real estate.

“With the exception of our appraisal group, we have largely been operating in this space for some time without really promoting the core service platforms,” said Rogers. “This move will advance our firm’s unique depth of real estate transaction know-how with decades of deal-making and advisory practice.”

“Unlike many other commercial real estate firms that focus exclusively on brokerage and property management, Inland Advisors specializes in serving the needs of real estate experts, institutions and legal and financial advisors with a whole host of competencies and in every commercial real estate group,” continued Rogers. “Many of our clients have specialized demands and require a high level of skill sets and fiscal sophistication apart from the bulk of the commercial real estate industry providers; our clients want these services from a single, able and trusted source.”

Inland Advisors deploys the latest technologies and market intelligence to provide its clients with real-time market data. According to Rogers’ senior executives, in recent years Inland Advisors has accomplished more than $1.3 billion in sales and leases—including 8,700 multi-family units and 140 million square feet of commercial real estate—and has been retained as consultants by significant property owners and institutions throughout the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.

The exchange services platform gives clients access to an inventory of investment property both on and off-market for investment and replacement. For clients wishing to sell, the firm provides the marketing and facilitates the timely and procedural exchange on behalf of its client. If hyper-acceleration is required, the firm can utilize its 30 years of real estate auction proficiency to meet the timing demands of the transaction.

Another aspect of Inland Advisors’ new service line includes an Appraisal and Valuation Services team of veteran real estate appraisal experts for single assets to multi-state and corporate-owned portfolios.

“In the first days of launching the appraisal platform, our team has been fully engaged on a mass scale with appraisal engagements with a combined market value in excess of $30 million,” said Rogers. “The assets are located in Chicago and every collar county—many of which are for ad valorem support on behalf of tax appeal firms in Chicago. We also have an extensive amount in the pipeline, upwards of 28 ad valorem engagements pending with a single asset valued in excess of $60 million.”

Inland Real Estate Advisors collaborates with many Inland companies that are part of The Inland Real Estate Group of Companies, Inc. This integrated relationship provides an alliance with unmatched local, regional and national presence backed by the range and resources of a real estate powerhouse.

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Inland Real Estate Advisors, Inc. is a boutique brokerage and consulting firm providing real estate services and solutions with sales/leasing, exchanges, appraisal and advisory services for private, public and institutional owners and managers of commercial and investment real estate. For more information on Inland Advisors visit

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