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Inland Real Estate Network, Inc.

Inland Real Estate Network is an Illinois licensed real estate brokerage entity and functions as a license holding company for brokers and managing brokers not actively engaged in real estate transactional activities.

The Illinois License Act of 2000 mandates that a license must be sponsored by a broker to remain operative. Whether a 20–year veteran or new licensee, Inland Real Estate Network is the perfect sponsor if:

  • You are not looking for a full-time real estate career, but want to enjoy the benefits of an active license
  • You obtained your license for employment growth potential
  • You obtained your license for personal investment purposes
  • You are no longer in a license-required position and need a new sponsor

Inland Real Estate Network is your best option when you need your license held by a real estate brokerage company.

  • Inland offers a low $50 annual membership fee
  • Holding company licensees no longer have to pay national, state or local dues
  • No minimum production requirements
  • Generous 80/20 split on referral fees

Real estate activities of Network sponsored licensees are limited to client referrals. Referrals are a fundamental aspect of real estate transactions. Whether the nature of the referral is residential or commercial, your license affords you the opportunity to earn extra money by referring your family, friends, and previous clients. Referrals may be offered to the agent and office of your choice throughout the U.S.

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